Hyaluronic Pen

Ever wonder how you could pump up your lips without needles? The very lips you dream of? Well Hyaluronic Pen is your answer!

A Hyaluronic Pen is one of the newest lip injection techniques in the beauty industry; It inserts hyaluron acid into the lips, this pen can also be used for the neck and face without a needle.

How it works is putting pressure from the pen to insert liquid mixture (Hyaluronic acid) into the skin, with low risk of bruising, however it is not a guarantee. The results are not permanent. Since the operation is not harmfull, the effects and risk are smaller.

There is a low chance of allergic reaction as Hyaluronic acid is something our body produce naturally. As we already have some of it in our human bodies. Hyaluronic acid absorb and holds water in our skin tissue, however as we age the acid has trouble holding the water, which results in looking older. It is an anti-aging devise.

This result of the Pen is more superficial compared to needle treatments. The procedure must be done right, to lower the risk of damaging health.